Are SRAM and Shimano compatible?

You might often wonder is SRAM and Shimano gear components are cross compatible.

Well  the answer is yes… mostly.
SRAM designs their products to be compatible for people that would still like to keep their Shimano components while using a SRAM chain, Shifter, Cassette or other component. Campagnolo Components on the other hand are strictly for use their own components as their sizings and ratios are unique.

If you go to the SRAM site, you can see in documents like this that there are, although shimano does not seem to mention compatibility outside of it’s own Brand. Also some SRAM chains do tend to require being placed on a chainset with certain marked links face outwards.

So there you have it, just search and download the documents available on SRAM’s web site and of course packeged with their products , and then you will know.