Tannus Airless Tyres Announces New “Portal” Tyre at the The Cycle Show


This Weekend Tannus has announced it’s upcoming Tannus Portal Tyre.
They Headlined their way in to the NEC Birminham’s annual The Cycle Show, opened by Sir Alan Sugar, an avid “60 Miles a day” cyclist, who was also keen to see the Models of his favourite brand of bike, Pinarello.
Tannus dominated the show with news of their upcoming “secret” new models of tyre, including the new lighter and faster Portal 700c model, and demonstrated the ease of fitting and their warranty of a guaranteed 9000 Mile endurance of the tyres:

“Portal embodies: Flat Proof Guarantee of 5,000 miles; Reduced Weight- Less than 500g; Improved Cushion- Ride longer; Adaptable to rims 18-20mm (inner rim width)

Like its name implies, the Tannus Portal Tire transports cyclists to a whole new riding experience. This 700cx28 tire was designed using new materials and processes that have resulted in a flat-free tire that rolls with only a 2 Watt difference from that of many pneumatic tires. Guaranteed to ride 5,000 miles with only 1.5mm of wear, the Portal is built to last. In addition to great design, the patented Aither1.1 material has been optimized for speed and cushion so cyclists can ride even longer.

Weighing under 500grams, the Portal tire is comparable in weight to many tube/tire combinations. Moreover, cyclists no longer need to carry saddlebags full of extra tubes, pumps or CO2 cartridges. With a variety of psi equivalents, every shape and size of rider can enjoy the fastest and smoothest Tannus tire option to date.”

Source of quote: https://ibnet.a2zinc.net/interbike2018/Public/eBooth.aspx?BoothID=823211&Task=Products&ProdID=31147