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Our uniqueness in designing tyres for cornering

Tyre cornering force is the primary means of controlling road tracking on the ground, even on very slippery roads.

This effect is actually a combination of sidewall deflection and deflection of the rubber within the contact patch. In order to obtain a healthy contact patch, you need to design the tread in such a way that it gives more crown area and the exact ratio of sidewall compliance to tread compliance. In our designs, we’ve cautiously considered the subtle design parameters which make our tyres safer in cornering and during other advanced maneuvers that are essential not only for professional riders, but also for amateurs. That’s why we are on the pinnacle of success than any other in the business.

Our hi-tech materials with softer, gripping formulations and state of art design features intend on providing better cornering traction without compromising the lifespan of the tread which in turn contribute the stability of the tyre throughout the lifespan.

Ultra superior carcass-reinforcing layer for sharp and detailed terrains

A unique material- Aliphatic Polyamide short fibre composite layer allows the rider an uninterrupted ride with the super puncture proof property of more than 20 Joule as per Japanese standard JIS K 6302 which is three times higher puncture resistance than a standard tyres.

Square woven fibre architecture for an extra reinforcement and durability

The square woven isotropic rubberized-nylon layer provides a remarkable strength to the carcass that makes the skeleton of the tyre more strong and reinforced.

Performa-Duo compounds

Dual compound design to cater to customer expectations and ultra performance

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber at your service in the bi-color sidewalls

EPDM makes tyres more immune to atmospheric conditions & allows retention of brightness of colours throughout the entire service time of the tyre.

Self flaw recovery layer for risk free ride on all terrains

A special thick gum compound has been developed for this tyre to provide an anti-penetrating property which permits no flat running on any terrain. Advanced compound provides a fully resistance (hold back) to indentation and extra thickness that provide a shield to the tube which prevents the tyre from premature failure.

Super EPI density for the ultimate endurance and Heavy duty usage

36 EPI (Ends Per Inch) and 100 EPI carcass construction makes the tyre casing strength of this tyre to climb way above the standard value of 2.35 kilo Newton which is the global standard for Heavy Duty tyres.

High performance Synthetic-Natural polymer tri-blends

A luxury blend of three performing polymer exclusively made for optimum performance of flexing, tensile and wear resistance makes our tyres the best in global business.

Glamour of Earthly colors and soothing fragrance to call the nature elements

Rubber compounds of natural colors with 100% organic colorants. This is a result of our unique craftsmanship.

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