Kenda Small Block 8 Pro 20 x 1.75″ Wired Tyre


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Sharing the same winning tread pattern as the mountain bike and cyclocross versions, the Small Block Eight bmx tires are fast rolling with grip for all surface conditions. Available in a wide size range to fit mini bikes up to cruiser bikes, with both folding bead and wire bead versions.

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  • Micro-knob tread pattern: Banks of 8 low profile blocks make the tyre as grippy as possible.
  • The same classic pattern as the Mountain Bike version
  • Front and Rear application
  • Super grippy 20″ tyre from reknowned manufacturer Kenda, designed by legendary rider John Tomac
  • Made with a harder centre tread (60a) and a softer side tread (50a) to reduce rolling resistance but still give good grip when on off camber surfaces.
  • Created with a special slow rebound rubber to try and help make the tyre more predictable and grippy.
  • Ideal for use on street or dry rocks.
  • Relatively thin sidewalls help keep the weight of the tyre down

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Weight .300 kg
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20 x 1.75" (47-406)



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