Huck Norris Tubeless MTB Tyre Liner




Huck Norris

Tubeless Protection Tyre Liner

It's tough, durable, but light... And we ain't talking no Hot Air, but we are talkin' an easier Tubeless MTB Setup and awesome Air Loss Protection.

Huck Norris’ Mission is to eliminate the fear of wheel and tyre damage.

Huck aims to put the Mountain Biker’s mind at ease, so you can concentrate on your riding and not worry about your Tyres being punctured, or Carbon Rims being destroyed.

Thank science there is a cure! Say hello to Huck Norris.

Huck Norris Facts

  • A Special Build:
    Huck Norris is a Tubeless Tyre Insert made of a cellular foam construction,specially designed for MTB use.
  • Featherweight:
    It may be tough, but it weighs it at only 85g
  • Huck Protects:
    Prevents pinch punctures by adding a lightweight layer between rim and tyre.
  • Saves The Day:
    Aids tubeless tyre set up, thanks for saving the day, Huck!
  • Fight off the Bruce Leaks:
    Huck never lets the air get beaten out of your tyres
  • Scares off the Snake Bites and Nasty Dents:
    Huck stops Pinches and Sucker Punches Dead before they cause damage
  • Gives Inflation an Extra Kick
    Let’s not get political about it, It’s just your buddy being there to inflate the tubeless tires to give extra kick to the tire when you want to punch it to your rims. Pop, Bang! You’re done.

Size Matters

Huck Norris comes in three Tyre sizes; 29 inch, 27.5 inch and 26 inch, including wide Fat Bike widths

Comes with a Face Kick

All Huck Norris Liners are delivered with a Face Kick Fender, and come in Singles or Pairs

Cut Straight to the Point

Huck Norris is delivered in 29″ length. To get 27.5″ version you just cut it shorter. There are marks where to cut. Can also be cut to suit 26″ tires. It is the same product for all wheel sizes.

Additional information

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