Interlock Seatpost + Intergrated Lock




INTERLOCK – HIDDEN LOCK integrated inside the SEAT POST

The InterLock – Hidden Lock with Seatpost is the lock that hides inside your bike!
This is a seatpost that has a bike lock inside of it, which, when installed – you never need to remember to carry your lock again!
Even if you have a quick release seatpost your bike frame is locked to the bike rack.


Perfect for use as a primary lock in a low-risk area – combine with a D-Lock in high risk areas.

Internal cables are 90cm / 36″ long

Weight 620g

Made from 6061 3d forged aluminium

Seatpost diameters 25.4mm,27.2mm,31.6mm

Available in Black or Silver

  • Always There when you need it
  • Winner of the Eurobike Award 2014
  • Compact and Design
  • Retracts back on to seatpost for a tidy lock storage solution

“The InterLock is bicycle lock that is housed in your bike’s seatpost. The InterLock is just long enough to secure the rear wheel and rear triangle to a bike rack. It uses two 20in-long, 8mm-thick, braided-steel cables encased in a thin vinyl jacket that slide through the seatpost and into your bike’s seat tube when not in use.

Designer Adrian Solgaard Janzen told BikeRadar the InterLock is intended for use in low-risk, high-visibility areas.

“Cables aren’t the strongest locks, that’s why this lock is positioned as a convenience lock, for when you pop into the corner store or go for a ride to granny’s house,” Solgaard said. “It’s for the time when you go for a bike ride just to cruise around and you end up at the beach and want to go for a swim.”

Janzen noted that it could also be used as a secondary lock to secure your rear wheel.”

– BikeRadar (Read Full Article)

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Seatpost Diameter:

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