Spray.Bike Aerosol Spray Paint Can – 200ml





Spray.Bike is the first DIY paint range for the bicycle market.

It’s been specifically developed for painting bikes. Spray.Bike is bicycle specific because we’ve designed the paint to:

  • Adhere to curved non-porous surfaces
  • Bond well on raw metal, carbon or factory paint
  • Provide a consistent surface application on curved and angled tubing and shapes
  • Be hard-wearing, weather (including U.V.) resilient and, of course, scratch resistant.

All this is before we even talk about how easy the paint is to use, that it doesn’t dribble etc.
Spray.Bike is a DIY matte dry-fall powder coating – in a can.

Spray.Bike is totally different to existing paint for car metal because of its different ingredients.

Spray.Bike doesn’t run or dribble like car paint.

Spray.bike is incredibly easy to control and provides a smooth even matte finish – that anyone can achieve with just two golden rules:

  1. spray at a distance of 5-12cm and
  2. keep moving your hand whilst doing so! (more about this below).

Basic usage

As Spray.Bike cans are pressurised, there’s an optimum distance at which the paint is effective on leaving the nozzle: 5-12 centimetres.

In this ‘window’ the paint is semi-wet and the pigment is perfectly primed to do its job properly.

Under 5 centimetres, faults can occur;

  • After 12 or 14 centimetres the paint will have turned into a dry powder dust with little adhesion at all.
  • Always move your hand continuously while spraying, as this ensures an even coating.
  • Touch-ups can always be done later – don’t over-apply the paint in a single coat.
  • If re-using the paint after storage, test spray first.
  • If the paint seems to splatter, replace the nozzle as the existing one is probably clogged.

Spray.Bike paint lasts in its can for up to 10 years, so store upright and below 50°C so it will always be there for scratches and touch-ups. Click Here for More Usage Tips & Tricks

Environmentally friendly

All Spray.Bike paints are CFC-free and toluene-free, which means that there are no environmentally harmful or dangerous gases inside.

The can is made of nickel, and is therefore easily recyclable. We source our ingredients for our paint from within the E.U.
The paint itself is a cutting-edge acrylic emulsion polymer. Acrylic emulsions are commonly used in all modern household paints and artists’ paints.

Who and what’s it for

Painting/personalising/customising a bike is a fun thing to do and a great way for people of all ages to express their creativity.

The obvious use is for simple repair or touch-up, but its real possibilities go much further.

Our initial range contains 56 colours, which can be used in any combination and in many artistic ways, without professional experience – just a bit of confidence! We’ve included lots of colours familiar within the bike world, perfect for restoration and heritage builds.

Previous to Spray.Bike, individual adventurous bicycle paint-jobs were high-end and unobtainable.

Now anybody can create stencils, fades and shades, team colours for groups and bike gang identity. If customers really don’t feel confident to use the product themselves, the most ‘professional’ painters would be, because of the can, graffiti artists – which puts the product truly in the hands of street culture.

Important Note:
Due to these being aerosols, they can only be collected in store.
These require an ISO 9001 Accredited Courier. These Aerosols carry
UN Number 1950

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