Spray.Bike Frame Builder’s Smoothing Putty


Thick cover-all putty for tatty frames. Cover minor blemishes including scratches, rust damage and stickers. Easily sanded down.



The Frame Builder’s Structural Putty is for larger problems, such as big paint chips, dents or dinks. This should be used on the localised area first, sanded down with the supplied pad (or 1080gm, or finer grade, sandpaper) and finished with Frame Builder’s Smoothing Putty, if required.

The Frame Builder’s Structural Putty can also be used to create shaping. Due to its high fiberglass content, the putty will dry as strong as metal. Because of this, aero forms such as fins can be made, although patience is required as multiple layers will be needed – as will lots of sanding down.

The Frame Builder’s Structural Putty doesn’t contract as it dries so the physical shape remains the same when completely dry.

A final coating using Frame Builder’s Smoothing Putty may be required