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Tannus Amour

Protect your tyres from flats with Tannus Armour that sits between your tyre and tube.

Prevent Flat Tyres with Any Tyre

Introducing Tannus Armour, a revolutionary alternative to heavy duty anti puncture tyres and costly tubeless conversions.

With Tannus armour, installation is as simple as changing a tube. You just need a smaller diameter tube to fit inside the insert, and a tyre pressure of approximately 20psi.

Unlike with limited tread patterns of Tannus Airless Tyres, you can use any Tyre with your inserts at half the price of a Tannus Tyre.


A Lightweight Solution

Tannus Armour uses the same Aither 1.1 Compound used in it’s Solid Airless Tyre range, which means it is lightweight.

  • Lighter than using tubes with thickly layered Puncture Resistant Tyres
  • Allows you to use smaller diameter lighter tubes
  • Eliminates the need for heavy duty and thick skinned tubes or tyres
  • Allows for the use of tyre with “Tacky” treads. Ideal for loose, dusty and uneven terrain rides

Double Comfort, Better Control

Tannus Armour Technology gives you extra cushioning

Armour helps to absorb shocks and landings, with the advantage of still having a pneumatic tube, doubling impact dispersion

Feel a much smoother ride, you’ll be forgetting all the little bumps with Armour installed

Conquer hardpack trails, loose and uneven terrain, Tree Roots and loose tracks like Gravel and loose concrete.

Save Money and Time

With Armour, you don’t have to worry about having Tubeless Ready Wheels and Tyres

  • Save yourself the time of filling and replacing Tubeless Sealants, Using Tyre Boots or Plugs for tubeless tyre Punctures.
  • Repair kits become less important (in case you forget yours)
  • Extremely Durable, outlives Sealants and even Tyre treads!

All-Round Protection, No more Blowouts!

Tannus Armour provides all round protection of your tube.

  • Armour even prevents the notorious “Pinch Flat” and dreaded “Snake Bite“, those annoying punctures from the tubes being pierced by rims and outside objects pinching and breaking through the tube…
  • Worry less baout impacts from Curbs, Dipped or raised Drain Covers, Rocks and Potholes, and hard landings
  • The most common reasons behind flat tyres now become less of an occurence, if any at all.
  • U Can’t touch This! Tubes are defended by a tough 360 degree layer from Broken Glass, Drawing Pins or Nails and other road debris.

Run on Flats

You can still roll the tyres with a flat tube (up to 6mph) with the cushioning that Tannus Armour provides, without damaging your rims or the tyres being displaced

You can even Keep Going with a shredded tyre, your tube will no longer pop out of rips, be exposed and/or burst!

Re-use and Recycle

Tannus Armour can easily be changed to new tyres and wheels, the polymer compound lasts a long time and does not degrade over time, and can also be fully recycled when no longer needed.

Free yourself of worry

Last but not least, you can let go of that fear of the dreaded Slow Flat in the morning,

or not having the right repair equipment on a ride.


Tyre Specifications and Sizes Table

(source: tannus.co.uk)

700 x 35-40C (35-40)-622 700 x 20-28C (20-28)-622 19-25C 260
700 x 42-47C (42-47)-622 28” x 1.1”-1.5” (28-49)-622 19-25C 290
26” x 1.6”-1.9” (42-44)-559 26” x 1.1-1.5” (28-40)-559 19-25C 260
26” x 1.95”-2.1” (50-54)-559 26” x 1.75”-1.95” (44-50)-559 19-33C 300
26” x 2.1”-2.5” (54-63)-559 26” x 1.95”-2.1” (44-50)-559 19-33C 300
27.5” x 1.95”-2.1” (50-54)-584 27.5” x 1.75”-1.95” (44-50)-584 19-33C 310
27.5” x 2.1”-2.5” (54-63)-584 27.5” x 1.95”-2.1” (47-54)-584 19-33C 310
29” x 1.95”-2.1” (50-54)-622 29” x 1.75”-1.95” (44-50)-622 19-33C 320
29” x 2.1”-2.5” (54-63)-622 29” x 1.95”-2.1” (47-54)-622 19-33C 320
20″ x 1.95 -2.1 (50-54)-406 20″ x 1.75″ – 1.95″ (44-50)-406 19-33C 220
20″ x 2.1 – 2.5 (54-63)-406 20″ x 1.95″-2.1″ (47-54)-406 19-33C 220
24″ x 1.95 -2.1 (50-54)-507 24″ x 1.75″- 1.95″ (44-50)-507 19-33C 270
24″ x 2.1 – 2.5 (54-63)-507 24″x 1.95″ – 2.1″ (47-54)-507 19-33C 270
700 x 28-34C (28-34)-622 700x 20-25C (20-25)-622 16-25C 200

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