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COVID-19 Notice

20 May 2020

We have RE-OPENED our Shop & Workshop!

You can Shop Online here:

online store

NEW Temporary Open Hours 10:00am - 6:00pm DAILY

Weekends for general sales and Pre-Booked Repair Appointments
Our Open and Closed days may vary at present, please call in advance to ensure we will be open.

Safety and Hygeine Products

We now sell Medical Face Masks and Alcoholic Citrus Hand Cleaner with Pumice

Talk to us from the shop door with Ring

We now have a Ring doorbell, so if you want to avoid contact, or if we are not in, you can still talk to us remotely from our front door!

Repair and response Times

Due to a large amount of bicycles being serviced, and stock order delays, please expect up to 7 days or more for jobs to be completed.
Please take in to consideration how busy the shop is when expecting a reply, this is just one guy working on bicycles, serving visiting customers, processing new deliveries, and fulfilling web and phone orders.

While I try my best to answer all calls, messages and emails, the best way to speak to us is to keep calling, or leaving a voicemail, text, Whatsapp message or Email Message. Due to the massive amount of people contacting the shop, I may not be able to respond or give answers about stock availability and product information for up to 24 hours.

We've made it EASIER to Shop Online

We have added buttons to each product page to make it easier to reach us, make pre-orders of incoming stock, and to be notified of restocked products. Please be aware when ordering, that there are Courier and Shipping Delays on all Products Expected due to to high courier demand and limited staff with ever increasing workloads in the supply chain.

Bikes are fast running out of supply worldwide at the moment, but we are can currently offer home deliveries straight from distributors. Saving precious time for customers and ourselves. We are often reserving bikes from incoming shipments and ordering daily for our customers when products are still or newly available, listing newly added products on our web sie for people to see.

Supply Shortages due to high demand, staff shortages and factory closures

While retailers strive to find alternative suppliers, products, and do their best to locate and secure bikes for our customers, there is a huge amount of congestion in the system at this time. Even promised shipping arrival dates have been unexpectedly pushed back as far as December for some models and brands of bike, leaving shops and warehouses empty, and shopkeepers and their customers waiting longer for bikes to arrive with shared frustration and anxiety not far behind!

Please be assured and keep in mind that all of us in the cycling industry are working extraordinary hours, handlng high volumes of calls, emails and messages, while processing web orders, and working on an ever increasing amount of customer's bikes!, to keep you updated with current stock information, order delivery timescales and dates, and shipping dates or estimations for incoming goods.

Though we have acces to over 50 distributors, we are all suffering the effects of COVID-19 Crisis, and struggling to meet with massive demand.

As well as with thier own suppliers, many distributors experiencing staff reductions, illnesses, Isolations and Furloughing of entire departments, and adly even virus outbreaks throughout the industry causing shutdoens. Also medical supplies take priorities in shipping and courier services.
There is a never before seen worlwide demand for cycling and sports goods, and with both running remotely and with skeleton staff at their offices and warehouses, We are working closely with our Distributors to get updates on shipping and courier delivery dates for your orders. Many will be shipped direct from them to you.

Shop here:
online store

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Remote Support

We can still help you with repairs from home and assembly of new bikes ordred from us!
Please be aware that due to high volumes of visitors, orders, messages, phone calls, and emails, it is not always possible to respond right away. We can help you to fix bicycles yourself with assistance via WhatsApp Video Calls and Media Sharing!
See below for contact details

leeli cycles

2 Parmeria Place, Lion Lane Turners Hill, West Sussex RH10 4NY

07986 255140 01342 619538 Text

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Buy Cycles, Toys, Parts, Accessories and Clothing online! We Even sell Cycle Service Subscriptions...

It's Cold right now, so we curently recommend Spiked Winter Tyres to avoid slipping on icy roads!

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The First Bike shop in Turners Hill for over 40 years...

Be our Guest!

At leeli cycles, we want all of our visitors to feel like they are visiting a friendly neighbor...

We Provide free hot drinks, water and squash while you wait

You can even relax on outside on our concourse, or keep warm lounging on our comfy seats indoors.

We have plenty of books and riding guide books, and of course product catalogues to have a look at too.

London Riders, You are halfway there!

If you are riding from London to Brihton, take a break here, because you are exactly halfway, and you just climbed 400 feet in less than 10 minutes! You deserve a small tea break to recover and regain your strength!

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Bicycle Rentals

Hire a Bike with us and enjoy the freedom and joy of cycling without the extra costs of ownership!

We also hire out Trailers, Baskets, Child Seats and more!

Deposit Fees apply. Rental Cyclists are responsible for their own insurance and safety

Click here to see Information

See Our Bikes and Book a Rental


About us

Hey There! My name is Ben

I am the Founder and Sole Proprietor of leeli cycles.
Services here range from bicycle tune ups and repairs, rentals, restorations, new bikes, parts, clothing, accessories, and even nutritional products for all your cycling needs!

I also provide Repair Tents for Cycle Sportive and Local Events, Mobile Repair/Pickup and return services

Here is my story

I bet you are wondering how every Review and Rating I have is 5 Stars on Facebook.
Well it goes way back, a little something like this:

Since 1984...

When I got my first Sunbeam bike at 3, I was very excited about the freedom of riding a bike.
Then one day I was old enough to ride a BMX, and received a Raleigh "Mag" Burner at 6.
By age 9 I was sporting my first Off-Road capable Shimano SIS Geared ATBs for me. These bikes primed me for a lust for cycling throughout my childhood.
Nothing compared to the enjoyment of riding a bike.


By the time I was at College, studying Advanced ICT, I found a new fellow bike loving friend. He owned many bikes, and was always getting and building new ones.
Before long we went on many cycling adventures together with another friend, and I really got into customising and fixing Mountain Bikes.
It was not long after that I found myself learning more about how bicycles work, and I started to do it for other people.

2007 - The Beginning of leeli cycles

After years of study and looking for new Jobs, I found myself being asked to build small business web sites, and worked doing various types of basic computer desk or retail jobs.
Meanwhile in my spare time, I helped people with their bicycles. Eventually I aquired more and more tools and spare parts, and ended up renting a council garage to work from. Word spread quickly among cyclists. And people were saying that I was the guy to go to for a fairly priced bike repair without waiting weeks for an appointment. I even began to change my job work hours to part time.

A conversion of trust and reliability

People began turning to me for help in the 2000s.
I was constantly hearing complaints about Their LBS leaving them with badly fixed and overpriced jobs,
doing and changing things without permission, and selling them unsuitable or unwanted extras or components.

After many years of this, I'd long decided that it was high time somebody was needed to convert disgruntled Domestic brand LBS customers into satisfied riders that will get the most out of their bike for longer every time they get a service.

2014 - A Special Brand of Service is Born

In 2011 I had gotten married, but in the three since, leading up to 2014 I had been without work. My usual place of work had closed down and I had been made redundant. Jobs seemed much harder to get than before in this time, but by then I had gained 17 Years of Retail Knowledge and sales Experience.
After receiving the ongoing support to pursue my dreams from my Wife, shortly followed by my family, I decided it was time pull in the reigns of my career.
I registerd as Self Employed and begun planning and building my new bike shop. Running a business was something my father had done at about the same age, and he helped me get started. I had officially registered my business as "leeli cycles", with the aim of being a small, independent family based Bicycle repairs and rentals service, as a Sole Trader.

2016 Onwards

By 2018, I had a new Shop in Turners Hill (October), I have earned a fantastic reputation in Crawley, and after more than 2 years of hard work there, I now provide over 30,000 Cycling Products over 200 Brands with 25 Suppliers, most of which being available to the same or next day. Some of these are also available in my new online Click & Collect Store.

It all started with my belief that cyclists deserve fair prices with high quality servicing, and to have their bike treated by the mechanic as it was their own.

We also provide Bicycle Rental! Why not visit our brand new Click & Collect Store, where you can choose the products you want with your service, and collect them once your bike is serviced and completed!

Copyright 2020 leeli cycles / Ben Goddard

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