Union Rear Carrier Mounting LED Dynamo Light (Capacitor)


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If you already have a dynamo on your bike but are concerned that the rear carrier mounted light isn’t giving out enough light (the old ones can be quite weak), then upgrade to a new LED lit version with its large reflector and stand light – this one uses also a capacitor to enable the light to stay on for a few minutes when you have to stop at, say, a junction or crossing (it’s illegal not to have these in some European countries!).


  • 3 LEDs
  • Transparent Lens
  • Durable ABS Housing
  • Easy Rear Carrier Mounting
  • 50mm / 80mm Mounting Sizes
  • Battery Free Stand Light Function
  • Powered by Capacitor (Stays on if you stop)

Note; Fitting the light unit is relatively easy with two small bolts set 8cm apart – this is perfect for European-made carriers which are usually made with two reciprocating holes to attach the light to, but not so good for Blackburn carriers. regularly reported to be the best carriers around, they are made for the US market which means that they usually only have a single hole for bolting a light to.