Universal Chainstay Disc Caliper Mount Conversion Adaptor


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A2Z Universal Disc Mount
The A2Z Universal Disc Mount is super quick and easy to install and is 100% CNC machined. It fits most brands and is recommended for aluminium alloy frames.
A2Z Universal Disc Mount Extra Info

  • Eliminates the need for a new bike or a special disc hub
  • Retrofits”tab-less” bikes with current disc brake systems
    100% CNC machined
  • Recommendedfor aluminium alloy frame
  • Quickand simple to install and dismount with no need for extra adjustments
  • Fits most brands on the market

Retrofits to Non Disc Brake frames that do not have Disc Caliper mounting bosses, converting from rim to disc brake systems.

  • Enables the fitting of any disc brake.
  • Clamps and bolts on to the to the chainstay.
  • Hydraulic Hose frame fitting adaptors available separately.
  • Rear only. A change of forks is required for the front